Bingo: origin of the game
Bingo is a fun and entertaining game which has its origin in Italy and is as old as 400 years. The game became so popular worldwide that gradually it became an excellent recreational activity as also became a source of big moolah for the players and the organisers of the game. This is because this game can be played almost everywhere – clubs, home, cruise liners, holiday centres, and in all the places where leisure activities are organised.

Not only that, the popularity of bingo games also stems from the fact that the game is enjoyed by everybody irrespective of their age and by all segments of the society. And what has added more zing to the game is the advent of the Internet era. Today, players can not only enjoy the game of bingo at land casinos or social circles, but can also play them online. This has given rise to the concept of online bingo.

Bingo in the Internet era
A game which was once played in community centres and churches across the world, has now assumed a powerful dimension, thanks to the Internet. The game has become more popular with online bingo becoming a favourite pastime. There are many sites on bingo which provide players a platform to share their experiences on the game as also acquaint themselves with the winning strategies. Now anyone can play bingo on the Internet. To find online bingo sites, you simply have to do an Internet search. There are many to choose from and most will have instructions on how to play online bingo game.

Indeed, there has been a rise in the number of people playing bingo on the Internet. One of the statistics on the average online bingo player reveals that 21% play everyday, 20% play more than once a week, and 19% play once a week. The options in online bingo games are basically two. A player can either opt to play on free sites or low cost sites. However, for players wanting a premium service, can also pay to play. Most people choose free sites to enjoy their game of online bingo. These sites are especially beneficial if one wishes to play bingo online, but are new to the game and need to learn how to play. Meaning, online bingo can help a novice gain enough perspective of the game before he bets on high amount.

So, no matter whether one is an experienced hand or a novice, online bingo can prove beneficial for all the bingo-buffs. The experience will also prove to be wonderfully refreshing.

By Lee Pickrell
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