An article exploring whether the rise in popularity in bingo means fans should consider getting a job in the sector.

Bingo Caller Profile

There’s something special about the bingo. There are millions of people up and down the country who live for a weekly thrill of the bingo, in pursuit of those all important lines and houses. Considering so many people love the bingo, it’s no surprise that many people also consider taking on a bingo job. But where can you work at the bingo? The best, and most bingo-related job going is that of a bingo caller.

Bingo callers are responsible for selection the balls and calling out the numbers during each game, but often players expect much more – entertainment, humour and charisma, for a start. Bingo callers need organisational skills and a clear understanding of the rules of bingo. A bingo caller needs to be able to react to unexpected occurrences and ensure the smooth running of the game.

In a bingo calling job you could find yourself working in a variety of locations; from large bingo halls, to cruise ships, to holiday camps and small, independent bingo clubs.

As a bingo caller you should have a confident and natural stage presence, be happy interacting with all sorts of different people and have a clear voice and good grasp of numbers. You’ll be calling the numbers on the balls or randomly generated by the computer, processing winning claims, entertaining and amusing the audience and players throughout the session. And make no mistake, bingo is no sleep affair, sometimes the pace is frenetic and a bingo caller can end up calling up to twenty games in just one hour.

Working alongside hospitality staff such as ushers, bar staff and caterers, bingo callers could often end up being asked to do other bits of work, such as preparing tickets or distributing promotional materials. Those working in bingo calling jobs will also be expected to stand for long periods during the games, and often the conditions can be crowded and hot. Bingo callers are expected to maintain a smart appearance at all times and some employers might even provide uniform.

The biggest responsibility of a bingo caller is to build a good relationship with players and to keep them entertained. A penchant for comedy is a great asset for bingo callers, as is a quick-wit and self deprecating sense of humour.

But there are also other types of bingo jobs, including betting shop cashiers, bingo managers, bingo affiliate managers, bingo retention coordinators and bingo marketing managers. If you love the bingo, there is a bingo job out there for you.

By john mce
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