Super Vision:
Imagine going to the casino and everyone is showing you their cards and the dealer is telling you what cards are going to be dealt next. It would make all the card games in a casino easy right. You would be unbeatable. You would know when to fold and when to go all in playing poker and when to hit, stay and double down playing blackjack. Super Vision would only be good for card games. When it came to craps and roulette there would be no advantage to seeing thru the table.

Cloaking is the ability to become invisible or make your self look like something else. Alone this power is not the best for cheating in a casino, but in a team it can be amazing. If you can make yourself look like a roulette ball then replace yourself with the real ball. Then you can land on whatever number your partner bets on. Or on craps you can make yourself look like the dice and land on a winner for you each time.

Rubber Dude:
The power to stretch and bend could be really cool and it can be helpful in a casino, but you have to be careful. If you are going to move your bet on after the dice has been rolled in craps you have to be careful there are 4 people that work at a craps table watching you, but it can be done.

Super Strength:
This would be a great superpower if you were going to rob the casino. you could walk right in rip the doors of to the vaults and just grab the money and walk out, without anyone being able to stop you. But this would not be a very good power for cheating in the casino.

The Human Torch:
Fire + Casino = Bad!

Aqua Man:
I did hear about an underwater poker tournament once, but in a regular casino this would be useless, maybe if there was fish tanks all around the room then I guess it would work.

Using Your Brain:
Call it whatever you want, but the ability to move things with your mind would be a great help in a casino but not in every game. You would not want to sit at the poker table or the keno room with this power. It could be good for the slots as long as they are not video slots. This power would be best for the roulette or craps table.

Mind Reading:
This would allow you to know what the other people had in their hands but unlike X Ray Vision you would not have a way to know what the next cards were going to be.
Ability to Manipulate the Weather:
About the only thing you could really do with this is to make the casino foggy and change the results of the game.

Changer the Weather:
This would be one of the worst things to have in a casino. What are you going to do make it rain?

Super Speed:
If you could move so fast that no one could see you do it then this power would be good in a casino. You could move the ball on the roulette wheel to whatever you bet on. You could change cards at the blackjack table or the poker table and you could change the outcome of the dice, but you still have to be careful you may move faster then the eye but the camera sees all.

Mind Control:
This would be one of the best of them all even better then X Ray Vision. It would not matter what you had in your hand you could make everyone think you won. This is the only super power that would work in an online casino, and that is assuming that you can control the minds of people who may be across the world.

Remember not everyone with super powers use them for good.

By Sharon Gerad
The first time she ever tried to play in an at Sharon Gerad won several hundred dollars playing at and craps.