Are you addicted to gambling?
Gambling away your income, your savings and even going into debt?
Is it ruining your life, making you short-tempered, depressed, maybe even suicidal?


Trust me, I was there, for a year of my life I made the biggest mistake ever. It all started small and wasn’t really a problem until the last few months where it spiralled out of control exponentially.

I started playing poker on different sites, first very small, and I’d win a little, sometime have amazing streaks where I would win 10 times what I started with.

This would cause me to get so overconfident, thinking I would never have to work since I would make more in a day than most people did in a month. Absolutely crazy.

My problem was not so much that I was bad at poker, I was obsessed with it. If I won a massive amount of money, I couldn’t stop playing for the day, an hour later I’d be playing again, and way outside my bankroll. And of course I would lose everything I had won including my initial deposit.

And this is how it went on, week after week, month after month.
I wasted all my savings on it, up to the point where I almost couldn’t pay my bills.
My mood became more and more jittery and I would lash out at people for the smallest thing.

It got so bad, and I wasted so much money that I seriously started wishing I would die.

The only thing I could do was to stop before I did something really stupid like kill myself. And that is what happened.
It was a really hard time for me for about a month. Every hour of every day seemed almost unbearable…but then things started to get better. And now, I feel almost human again:)

If you are experiencing what I have, or you think it is only getting worse and you have no control over what you are losing…you need to STOP GAMBLING! RIGHT NOW. TRUST ME!

There are two ways:
1- Tell your best friend, your parents or your gf about this problem. This is hard and they will be mad at you but they will help you through it because they love you.

2- Join a program or download one. STOP GAMBLING is the best online program available to helping people quit and cure their gambling addiction.

Good luck and all the best

By Diggy D
I had a massive gambling problem and it caused a lot of hurt and damage in my life.