Sailing around the world to wonderful far off places, can be one of the most exhilarating vacations you could ever imagine, and interestingly enough, there is no real need to travel very far, because you can be spirited off on the ideal Bermuda cruise to sparkling clear waters and exotic pink beaches, only six hundred miles off the shore of South Carolina.

However, the ideal cruise for young singles out for a good time, would likely be considered horrifying to families who are traveling with young children. On the other hand, the taste of retired seniors may lean towards a more relaxed atmosphere with craft classes and shuffleboard, whereas couples who are going on their honeymoon to Bermuda would very likely consider this type of cruise to be anything but romantic.

I am going to be examining a number of the more important aspects that make up the ideal Bermuda cruise, as well as the essential elements that will make sure that every group has the most pleasant experience.

For example, singles will generally consider the ideal Bermuda cruise to be one that allows them to party all night long. But the fact is the majority of cruise ships only have about a half a dozen bars or lounges, although one Bermuda cruise contains an astonishing sixteen bars and lounges. Can I hear you say PARTY? Well it doesn’t take a genius to recognize which cruise ship the singles crowd will have more fun on.

This is equally true for swimming pools. There’s no way that a solitary pool is going to create a enough singles action, and so it’s pretty self-evident that singles will consider it much more ideal to be on either one of the two Bermuda cruise ships that are fitted with four swimming pools. Now we’re talkin’.

But for families, what an ideal Bermuda cruise should be like is quite different. For instance, in the evening most parents will expect to be able to leave their kids with a babysitter. It’s assumed that the cruise line will supply this service. Unfortunately for some unhappy travelers, this is not the case with one of the Bermuda cruise lines. A parent of young children would find it less than ideal to be on one of their ships.

On the other hand, teens don’t like being trapped with their family throughout the day, so it’s an ideal situation that a number of Bermuda cruise lines offer ‘Teen Shore Excursions’ to allow them to venture off, under qualified supervision of course, but in the company of people their own age. Any parent of a teen would definitely benefit from being on one of the ships offering this service.

Not surprisingly, a retired seniors’ concept of the ideal Bermuda cruise is totally different than that of singles and families. They prefer to take things at a more leisurely pace.

Many seniors really enjoy the cultural enrichment classes offered by some cruises, but not all companies offer such diversity as painting, photography and wine tasting. Some Bermuda cruise ships don’t even offer any enrichment classes, but instead consider backgammon to be an acceptable substitute. That doesn’t sound very ideal to me.

Any senior that’s a golf fan will be happy to note that a number of cruises have hired a golf pro. They also have simulator software that videotapes your swing and offers advice on improvements. One of the cruise lines also has an all-hours driving range. But you need to know that some cruise companies don’t offer any golf related amenities.

It has often been said that stealing away on a Bermuda cruise, and watching the sun setting over the ocean with the one you love by your side, is the most romantic thing in the world, so it doesn’t surprise me that Modern Bride magazine voted Bermuda as one of the best honeymoon resort destinations in the world.

If you’re looking for the ideal honeymoon you will want to book yourself on one of two ships that have spa treatments that you can have in the privacy of your cabin. You may also want to be on one of the ships that offers more than a single rose. How about a dozen? And if you really want that special treatment, how would you like a private invite from the captain of your ship to take a tour of the bridge? I think these are some of the special touches that can ensure you have the ideal Bermuda honeymoon cruise.

I have attempted to indicate a handful of the more important ingredients, that if included, can go a long way to make sure you have a wonderful vacation; one that is tailor made to meet your idea of the perfect Bermuda cruise.

Obviously there are a great deal of differences between, not only the various cruise lines, but also the individual ships. Needless to say, I couldn’t possibly cover each of them in this short article, but if you would like more information, for instance, which ships would be the best ones for you, or how to ensure that you get booked on the ideal Bermuda cruise, then please visit me at the website below.

By Dave Kelly
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