If you really want to play Texas Hold Em Poker but you are unaware of the rules then you be glad to know that it is an easy game to learn and with some practice you can become an expert.

The process is:

To begin, the players will make a bet also known as “blind bet” and it could vary from game to game and player to player, you can make a small bet to very large bet.

After that the dealer would shuffle the 52 card deck in front of the players.

The cards would be distributed to each player and there are two private cards which are placed on the table, face down and these are known as hole cards or pocket cards.

The first move of the game begins from the player on the left of the big blind. He can call, raise or fold. The betting also continues in the clockwise direction on the table is called preflop betting.

The dealer then removes the top card of the deck which is called burn card to avoid cheating

Next the dealer, places the three cards face up on the table. This is called flop and the players can use these two cards as a combination with any of their two hole cards. These are called community cards and anyone in the game can use them.

Then the player on the left of the dealer has to make another betting round.

The dealer then has to repeat the step of burning the top most card of the deck and then again display the three cards face up on the table and is called turn.

The betting begins once more and mostly in these games the bet gets doubled.

Then again the dealer repeats the process of burning and placing a card face up on the table. This last step is called river and the players now complete their poker hand with the help of selecting any five cards on the table or with their two pocket cards.

The final round of the betting takes place.

Then the shutdown. All the players have to show their cards who hasn’t folded. The sequence is from the left of the player who calls.

The player with the combination of the best poker hand wins the game.

By Alex Poker
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