Following are some of the basic guidelines for playing poker in a brick and mortar casino. These guidelines are not applicable for online casinos or poker sites.

You should never put your chips directly in the pot. The most ideal place for placing chips are in front of your cards and place them in a pile. It makes a dealer’s job easier to count your bet and it also gives an idea to other poker players who can see how much you are left with.

If you wish to raise then you should do it in raise exclamation. If your raise is not noticed then it may not be counted at all and become a problem for you.

You should avoid “string bet” which means you should not place a bet and put it on its stack to go back for a Raise.

You should try to remember your hole cards in the first instance so that you should not fall in the habit of glancing at it all the time which might let other poker players to read your face. Also if you have remember your cards clearly then it will help you to create Make a habit of your own hole cards at a glance just to look at and they are to remember. This will allow you, clever and careful to play. You will easily be able to play without your own map and you will be more focused on game rather than just glancing at the card all the time.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you always keep your card with you and don’t mix them with others. If your cards are mixed with others then they might be declared dead.

Insulting other players is complete no and you should also avoid teaching them how to play better. Follow casino rules; don’t offend dealers and other staffs in casino. If you face any problem with any team player or dealer then you should escalate it to the supervisors in the casino.

Though it is difficult to suppress your emotions in a poker game but try to be decent in your expression and you should not disturb others with loud expressions.

If you remember above rules then your play at the casino would be a always fun and enjoyable.

By David Mathew
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