Online crap rules vary and depend largely on whether you’re playing a straightforward game against the house, or if you’re taking part in an online tournament.

Probably the easiest method of learning the rules of online crap is by finding a site that enables you to play a simple crap game against the house. A simple definition of craps is that it is a game that involves the throwing of a dice. Two dice have to be used and the games progression depends on the first throws outcome. This first throw is known as the ‘come’ and if the first number thrown happens to be a total of two, three or twelve, this is known as ‘Craps’ and if you happened to make a ‘pass’ bet you would then lose this. If a total of seven or eleven is thrown on the first throw then this is considered a ‘natural’ roll and the pass bet would win.

If any other number is thrown then this becomes a ‘point’, at which stage the dice is thrown again pending either the point number coming up or the number seven comes up, at which case the round is over. Different bet types that should be considered when playing against the house are the ‘come bet’, the ‘don’t come bet’, the ‘pass line bet’, the ‘don’t pass line bet’ and the ‘place bets’.

Playing in tournaments entails a different set of rules as you are not playing in opposition to the house anymore, but against other players. Online Crap rules for tournaments differ and depend a great deal on the host site you are using at the time, so make sure that you check the terms and conditions for each site you intend playing on before signing up and playing.

These terms and conditions should define rules such as how much you may have to pay for entering a tournament, what sort of prize money is given out and the amount of games needed to play in a tournament. Don’t hand over serious amounts of money to an online crap tournament site until you have played around with a few of the sites which offer free tournament participation. This way you will be able to evaluate the differences between tournaments and normal ‘against the house’ craps.

The majority of the rules for the online version of Craps are pretty much the same as for real casinos except for one fundamental difference. This is the fact that with online craps you are not throwing real dice but are in actual fact using a random number generator to attain your score. This is why it is advisable to play at a reputable site because the fact that it is a random number generator, the numbers could be fixed. This is not a problem at the big gaming sites.

As with all games of chance, respecting the rules and understanding the game are two essential aspects to your success. Don’t play if you can’t afford to lose.

By Richard Legg
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