Having a gambling addiction is a serious matter which must be handled in the appropriate matter. Each year millions of people develop problems with gambling. It usually starts out as a small enough problem, slowly but surely escalating into a full blown addiction. There are numerous support groups for people who have this kind of problem. There are even hotlines to call which are advertised in gambling messages on the radio. The best and most responsible thing someone who has a gambling problem can do is to cut up the ATM card and join a support group right away.

There are quite a few things to remember when it comes to gambling problems, and how to tell if you have one. A common sign that you have a gambling addiction is that you continue to gamble even when you don’t have the money to. When you start getting desperate to win back the money you have lost and will do almost anything to get the funds, then you most likely have a problem. People who have this problem find themselves unable to pay simple monthly bills because of the debt they have run up on gambling.

This is a problem which has many negative effects, both on the on the person who is gambling and the people close to them. It is a financial and emotional problem which must be taken care of in the appropriate manner. Many people who have a gambling problem descend into denial, refusing to admit they have a problem. One of the best things someone who has this type of problem can do is to listen to the thoughts and concerns of family and friends.

Getting a much-needed reality check will help a great deal for someone who has a gambling addiction. When you get to the point where you are borrowing money to gamble because you don’t have any left, you have a problem. Knowing some of these signs will help you to avoid denial, because when you are aware of them you cannot lie to yourself. Denial is a powerful force that can keep someone spending money they don’t have, meaning big bills that take years to pay off completely.

After you have spent time identifying the signs of a gambling addiction, you will want to seek the proper help. A strong support system comprised of understanding friends and family is important, however it is not the only thing you will need. A support group made up of people like you who have similar problems will be necessary as well. You can choose to join a group that meets in person or even an internet forum. As long as you have a place to discuss your thoughts and feelings with others, it counts as a good outlet for your emotions. Having these things in your life will help to combat this problem and keep you on track long term. Without a strong support system from all different corners, your addiction will eventually come back to control you and destroy your finances as well as the people closest to you.

By Jill Cohen
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