There are probably more areas within the bingo industry then you think, from the traditional bingo hall caller, to an online casino chat host and all the supporting roles of these positions. So it is worth doing some research into the different positions that you might suit. Although on the job training is often given some basic industry knowledge won’t hurt.

Different bingo types

This is becoming an ever increasing array of different and exciting games mainly due to the competition from online bingo sites creating variations of traditional games to keep users coming back. Demonstration of some knowledge of the different types would be an advantage to a candidate seeking a job in the industry.

Some of the more traditional online game types are;

75 Ball Bingo: is the game most commonly played in the United States. It is considered the traditional form of the game in that part of the world.

2. 90 Ball Bingo: Is the preferred type of bingo game used in the United Kingdom. Players can win multiple prizes from the same board. The bingo card has 9 columns and 3 rows.

3. Regular Bingo: This is the most straightforward form of the game. The participants play for only one prize. The first person to cover their card in the pre-determined pattern wins.

4. Pre-call: Pre-call games require that all cards be sealed. No one can see their cards until the game begin. These types of games usually have big payouts and are special “events.” They are played this way because there are so many numbers that must be called. Therefore, they are able to save time by are giving some of them out at the beginning of the game.

5. Odd-Even: This is another sealed bingo card game. Either odd or even numbers are called, hence the name.

What skills are needed for a bingo job?

A good clear voice and a charismatic personality are essential for the traditional bingo caller in a bingo hall as for this role you are responsible for calling the number on a microphone, verifying the winning numbers & assisting players with questions & bet making. The more traditional type of bingo also has roles for floor workers who assist the caller with his duties. This role is shift work usually a one shift during the day and then a shift in the evening and 12 hr days are not uncommon.

Career progression within this role is to work in larger and larger bingo halls & could lead to being a manager and training and overseeing new staff to running your own bingo hall. For those with real drive progression into hosting television bingo games is another opportunity.


The role here is known as a chat manager, the role involves the ability to use a computer and quick clear typing skills to oversee the activity in the chat room keeping it friendly and exciting and also to help players with any questions they may have.

The role can be done by anyone with a computer who has the basic skill often from the comfort of their own home.

Career progression can mean working with more established and bigger brands and making a name for yourself in the online bingo community.

Where to find bingo jobs

There are a few ways to find bingo jobs both online and offline. The main way to find offline bingo jobs is to look in local papers for positions visit local bingo hall websites to see who is recruiting and to actually visit your local bingo hall and speak to the manager.

To find online bingo jobs the easiest way is through online gaming recruiters, these can easily be found in the search engines and due to the gambling industry proving itself as a recession proof industry there are fresh jobs appearing all the time.

By john mce
John McE writes articles on behalf of Pentasia, Gaming’s only truly focussed staffing solutions provider, recognised globally as the sector’s premier confidential recruitment and career consultancy

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