Las Vegas is famous and known for gambling and casinos around the world; if you have been there you can watch lot of people playing various games at the casinos. The most played game is slots and you can observe lot of people playing over the slot machines and making lots of money. The “loose” slots machines are placed tactically by the casino people. You may have higher winning chances if you know where these loose machines are placed and you can win even a jackpot.

1. When you visit casino look for the spots where you think loose machines are located. Casino’s change booth may be the one area where these loose machines can be placed by the casinos. The reason being to lure more people to play. However this phenomenon may not be true with all the casinos.

2. Crossing area of the casino and highly visible machines on the row-end may be the spots for such loose machines. Middle row area should be avoided as these are most probably not loose.

3. Find Elevated parts of the casinos that have slots on them; these parts often contain loose slots as these areas are highly visible. You can observe players winning on them often as compared to other places.

4. When you are in Las Vegas and want to play on the slots look for the older casinos because holders of casinos may program more machines to be loose to retain and entice more people to play.

5. Payback is different for different slot machines; you must compute the payback amount you expect to get from slot. Expensive slots have larger payback then cheaper slots, these have lower paybacks. Payback rate is listed on slot machines itself in some casinos. Play the slots with higher rates to receive higher paybacks

By Pankaj Gupta
Pankaj Gupta Writes is a Online Gambling Writer that provides Tips for Finding Profitable las vegas slot machines and explain you best slot machine odds