How does a game stand out above the other games? Why is one slot game in an online casino always occupied while another is deserted, gathering dust alone? Producing a slot machine that entertains gamers is the aim of every gaming operator and slot game companies need to keep their fingers on the pulse to find out what gamers really want from their slot machines.

Rainbow Riches has proven to be the most popular slot machines of its kind in the country and Rainbow Riches is a name recognised in arcades and gaming centres across the nation. Representing the game is the smiling leprechaun mascot, adorned with green hat and striped socks. He is one of the slot world’s most recognisable characters. While he might look slightly childish, this green leprechaun is the reason why Rainbow Riches is so popular.

Although many Rainbow Riches players might disagree with this notion, it’s worthy of further investigation and a memorable character is one of the most important qualities for a slots machine. Mascots are the first thing players connect to their favourite slot game. A memorable character means that the slots game is a memorable experience for the player.

Show Me The Money

The Rainbow Riches leprechaun also benefits from his connections. People connect leprechauns with money and power and are enthused to play Rainbow Riches because of its lead character’s flowing money. Just as there are slots’ characters like gold miners, rich playboys and pillaging pirates, Rainbow Riches is hosted by a leprechaun; a mythological character who, according to legend, shared his treasure with whoever was lucky enough to see him. Regardless of their recent penchant for oil ships, pirates are famed for their chests of gold and silver. Wall Street bankers used to be regular slot machine characters. Whether the current economic downturn in the world’s economy will affect their standing is anyone’s guess. A casino crunch, perhaps? But slot companies don’t just rely on the promise of wealth to tempt gamers to their game and slot mascots have a range of characteristics that could attract gamers to their wares.

Sexy Slots

As many teenage boys will tell you, risqué advertisements usually sell. It’s no different for slot games. A provocative figure – man or woman – will pull in gamers. Although the Rainbow Riches leprechaun and Cluedo characters have their committed support, not many could argue they beat the sex appeal of a lady in a little red dress.

Famous Slots Faces

It’s not just women that get the slot game attention though and many a male has found himself on a slot machine. Arguably, the most recognisable slots face is The King himself, Elvis Presley. In his much-imitated stance and suggestive glare, Elvis is the king of hundreds of slot machines. Elvis’ star burned whitest in Vegas and his appearances there have established him as the face of many slot machines. Gamers want a slice of his fame and the thought of having his status and power attracts them to game on his machine.

Movie Slots

Featuring a recognisable face isn’t limited to musical legend though and everything from USA landmarks (from the first slot game, The Liberty Bell) to movies has been used as a mascot to attract gamers to slot games. Everyone from Linda Hamilton to Harrison Ford have been used as characters for slot machines. Movie-goers keen to get the most out of their favourite movies are often drawn games inspired by American blockbusters. They want a part in their favourite movie. And possibly, the wage of the lead-actor.

Regardless of whether they inspire the player to aim for gold or suggest provocative lusting, the slots mascot must be memorable. It’s the reason why gamer’s return to their favourite slots machine, and indeed, the reason why players have a preferred game machine. That’s part of the slot mascot’s allure.

By Marcus Miles
Marcus Miles is an amateur gamer, based in Manchester, United Kingdom. He has been writing about gaming-related issues for over ten years, having started his career writing about gaming in the editorial department of a regional poker magazine in Liverpool. He has been a contributor to a number of internet gaming websites most recently online casino Kerching