There are many casino jobs available in Las Vegas and Casino dealer is also one of them. This is very glamorous job. If you want to be a casino dealer in Las Vegas, it is really important to go for a dealer schools where you can complete a casino dealer course. There are many schools and training centers in Las Vegas offer this course and some casinos also provide the training to new recruited people. This course is not a time consuming course at all. You can easily complete the entire course package within maximum six weeks.

After completing the course, you would get the job assistance and important tips to crack the assignment also. Being a student, you should take the full advantage of this course. It is really important to project a right kind of image in order to get appointed as a casino dealer in Las Vegas. Give your best and learn the course with a great dedication. You should portray your best knowledge in front of the interview table and be sure that you will get the success that you have been craving for.

There are different types of Las Vegas casino jobs available and craps dealer is one of them. There are four people work with the craps table. Box attendant, who supervise the entire progress of the game and he is the only person who can make the decision whether the roll of the dice is valid or not. Another person, known as the Stick, his work is to push the dice toward the gambler before a roll.
Remaining two people are craps dealers and they are responsible for the cash handling and chips providing. The make the payment of the winning player and collect the money from the less fortunate player.
You must be a quick decision maker in order to be a successful craps dealer. Casino is a very fast move game and you have to put your entire attention to follow the game. It is better to disclose an important fact before, it is not at all a high payment job and you can expect the pocket between $6-$6 per hour and most of the craps dealers earn from getting tips.

First, it is really crucial to complete the course which covers such things- handling cards, techniques for dealing cards, game rules, how to control the table, and how to interact with players etc.

If you want to be a blackjack dealer then you must complete a special course for it. Blackjack is a complicated poker game and that is why you should have special knowledge.

Join in a good school and complete the course and start a career as a casino dealer in Las Vegas.

By Pankaj Gupta
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