Blackjack is the only casino game where you could have the enough chances of winning. It is one of the most popular casino games and it has got huge popularities among the poker lovers. If you are an amateur blackjack gamer then it is really important to know the strategy so that you can easily beat blackjack dealer.

1. Be rational and mathematical:

There are many superstitions about the game and you should throw all away because they are completely illogical. Beating with dealers require ample amount of mathematics. You cannot do it by guessing work.

2. Build a perfect strategy: it is always better to make a perfect outline or strategy rather than listening your friends or uncles. You should know the correct hand even in your sleep.

3. Know what you are up to: it is the advantage for a house when both the dealer and player get busts and it could be a major obstacle for you. You should plan the procedure so that you can easily overcome it.

4. Look for the zones of the game you wish to use: By chance if you get 21 on first two cards or the house gets natural win then it would be a great chance for you to win the game.

5. Make a right strategy:

Here you do not know the value of the hole card or the facing down card of the dealers so it would always better to use a strategy so that it can reduce the house’s edge to a minimum which is about 1.5%. So you should know the percentage.
If you want to know the strategy of beating the blackjack dealer then you should follow the following tips

1. Card counting:

It is really important count your cards first. Always design the cards in the formation of high proportion of high cards to low cards and your dealer always have the reverse order. A deck rich in tens and aces is really favorable for you and in this order; double down cards are very successful.

2. Using Hi-Lo card counting method:

Here the cards from 2 to 6 are assigned a value of +1 and tens, aces are assigned a value of -1 and cards 7,8, 9 are valued 0. These cards are called as neutral cards. It is a balanced card counting system. In this way you have the equal number of +1 and -1 cards and ultimately it results 0.

3. No alternative of practice:

Practice makes a man perfect and there is no alternative of practice. Always bet low when you are in the process of mastering the game.

4. Go to the casino:

Casino is the best place where you can judge your skill and start with low betting so that you can get more opportunities.
Always use these tips in order to beat blackjack dealer.

By Pankaj Gupta
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