One of the first strategies that blackjack players use when trying to beat blackjack is what is known as the Basic Blackjack Strategy. More of an overall guide to the game than anything else, I’m going to go over exactly what the Basic Blackjack Strategy is in this short article.

The Basic Blackjack Strategy is basically a table that tells you exactly how you should be playing the game, depending on what cards you are currently holding, compared with the single card the dealer is holding that you are able to see.

Mathematically and statistically speaking, it’s not the best or most definite strategy of winning blackjack, however it is an excellent guide that should be followed by every player in order to be offered the best odds of winning in every hand. It does not give you a distinct advantage over the dealer in any way, however it does give you the best odds possible of winning without actually playing any other betting strategy.

How it works is by telling you exactly what move you should make, based on your current hand in comparison with the dealer. For example, if you are holding an Ace and a 6 and the dealer’s face-up card is showing to be a 5, then the Basic Blackjack Strategy tells you that statistically, you have the best chance of winning by doubling your stake, or hitting if you do not have the money to double.

And that’s the simple reason why this strategy of betting works so well is because it takes the thinking out of the game for the player and puts everything in the hands of the best odds possible.

You can find the Basic Blackjack Strategy all over the internet by simply typing Basic Blackjack Strategy into your favourite search engine, and you’ll find that most places will just give it to you for free. If you’re a novice player I would definitely recommend this strategy, however more advanced players or those of you looking to make a whole lot of money from blackjack should look elsewhere for more proven and guaranteed strategies.

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