If you struggle staying entertained and concentrating when you are playing poker you are more likely to play worse hole cards and actually lose. Learn how to do this now.

It’s a simple fact, even though Texas Holdem Poker is extremely entertaining, high impact and like an emotional rollercoaster, it can get a little boring. It’s kind of like waiting in the line before you get on the roller coaster. Do you sometimes get bored playing poker?

2 Top Tips How To Avoid Getting Bored Playing Poker So You Only Play Perfectly

The first way that you can avoid getting bored while playing poker, say for instance you are waiting to be dealt great hole cards, is to play the most important mini-game in Holdem. It is ‘What’s he holding?’

This game is extremely fun to play. All you do is watch the players that are playing the pot and ask yourself ‘What’s he holding?’ You guess, and try to figure it out, and then at the end if he shows his card you get to confirm if you were right or wrong.

Players playing this game over a long time often find themselves getting their guesses correct more and more often. This develops your most crucial card reading skills, and also avoids you getting bored.

The second way you can avoid boredom is to is the game ‘If I had’. This game is a little more difficult to prevent yourself from cheating but if you are honest with yourself you’ll be fine.

All you do is firstly, take the range of starting hole cards you’d usually play, then, you pretend you had one of these and ask yourself ‘If I had cards X-X, what would I do?’ Explore how you would feel, what decision you would make and why.

Playing this game over the long term will make you a better poker player. You’ll get in touch with your inner truth about the type of player you are, the risk profile you have, and your capability for making the correct decisions.

These two games are extremely fun and not only that, are actually critical efforts to improve your poker game. I love poker, I love playing it and it’s always fun to me. I don’t get bored waiting for goods cards (and yes, I do play a lot of tight strategies) and that’s because I am always finding games to play that are actually improving my poker skills all the while.

By Alex Poker
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