The first question which pops up in any new poker player’s mind is whether the online poker sites are safe or not? In this article I would try to clarify on the security issues of online poker sites and how to safeguard yourself against any potential security threats.

Using Credit Card/Debit Cards
Using credit card/debit card on online poker sites is no different than using them on any online shopping sites such as eBay or Amazon. The technology involved in processing card is the same in both types of sites. But since poker is considered to be gambling people have apprehension in using their credit card/debit cards on poker sites. The present day technology has much advanced and all the transaction happening on poker sites are well protected by 128 bit SSL encryption technology. Apart from the encryption poker sites also provide extra level of security to make sure that poker players have ease of mind while playing on these poker sites.

3rd Party Payment Systems/Payment Gateways
You need not to use your credit/debit cards at all to play on Poker sites. Now a days there are plenty of online payment gateways which facilitate you to deposit and withdraw fund from your poker site cashier to the payment gateway system account. In this type of transaction you never expose your credit card/debit card details to the poker sites directly.This type of service is also called “Digital Wallet” or valet whereas you keep fund in these payment gateway accounts and you can operate it as your virtual bank account to deposit fund not only on poker sites but also on various other online shops.Some of the well known payment gateways are PayPal, Moneymakers, Ne Teller, ukase and others.

You can do cash transactions as well
Some of the services allow you to buy credit by using cash from any store in which case you don’t have to expose your bank account at all to either poker sites or to payment gateways. One such payment gateway is Clicker which allows you to buy credit by sing cash which you can purchase from any store and then do online transaction.

Wire/Bank Transfer/Che ques
Even if you are not convinced with about payment systems you can still use alternative ways to do transactions on online poker sites.Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer or exchequers are your last resort to do transaction on poker sites which is acceptable by most of the poker sites.

How safe is your account
Another concerned raised by many new poker players is whether the poker sites provide adequate security to safeguard their personal information. Most of the big poker sites come with sufficient protection mechanism to safeguard your personal data which is always safe. Poker sites are as safe as any online e Commerce site. So you don’t have to worry much about your data security. People from all over the world now play poker on poker sites with ease of mind.

By aimee-johnson89
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