Blackjack is a pretty easy game. Keep reading to see how player may win money playing blackjack. Each person at a table will be dealt two cards. Then the dealer will deal himself 2 cards. One of his cards will be face up and one face down. The up card and the players cards will be the determining factor on what to do next.

To win at blackjack, the player must get as close to 21 points without exceeding 21. Also, they must have a higher score than the dealer. Players are not in direct competition with each other. If the first 2 cards you are dealt are a face and an ace, then you automatically win with a blackjack!

Basic strategy is simple- and stick with it to have the best odds of winning money at blackjack. If the dealer shows a 6 or lower on their up card, then you do not risk busting your hand. In other words, if there is a chance that a ten will give you more than 21 points when added to your two initial cards, then don’t take a third card. However, the dealer must take a third card. The hope is that the dealer will get over 21 points and everyone will win.

If the dealer shows a 7 or higher, just assume the card they are not showing is a ten. In that case, play your cards as if you are trying to beat the dealers assumed total. There is a chance you bust, or go over 21 and loose your bet, but its best to give it a shot. However, never hit anything over a 17, unless it is soft (meaning composed of a six and an ace).

If the dealer shows a face card, they will check using a special mirror on the table if their second card is an ace. If it is, that means the dealer has a blackjack and the game is over.

If the dealer shows an ace, they will ask if the table wants insurance. It doesn’t matter what insurance offers you or what your cards are at this point. Insurance is what is known as a sucker’s bet. Don’t buy it. The dealer will now check her down card, if it is a face card, she has blackjack and everyone looses. If not, play continues. Play your hand as if the dealer had a face card up.

The casino may try to entice players with side bets for suited cards, etc. These are bad bets, don’t play them if you want to win. They can be fun though and you can get lucky so if you want to gamble, then go ahead.

For the best opportunity, sit down at a table with one or two decks in play. Try and avoid tables with 6 or 7 decks being shuffled and dealt. That way its easier to keep tabs on the number of aces and such as you see them dealt out.

By Joe Manonn
The card game of black jack has been enjoyed by many people over the decades. The regulations are not complicated and you can <strong>win money</strong> if you play wisely.