Live black jack gambling started out as a complicated, mind-boggling table game set in old-fashioned gambling houses, back when the first casinos were still not yet formally introduced. Black jack has managed to remain in its best form, in the center of casinos, and on top of the game lineup list of online casinos. More than that, black jack gambling is also on top of the list of the most popular casino games around. Indeed, black jack has come a long way, but its extensive run in history did nothing to dull the bright fame of the classic black jack gambling.

In its earliest form, live black jack gambling was nothing more than a French game called vignte et un. In French, the term stands for 21. Vignte et un was already played with the basic and essential black jack rules that still governs the classic black jack game we now know. These same rules also serve as the foundation of the modifications that the black jack game has received through the years. Vignte et un was known to be a combination of the best aspects of many different games such as chemin de fer and even baccara. This is why black jack’s earliest origins are unclear. Although it is formally known that black jack originated in France, there are also Spanish and Italian influences that have been poured into the game.

Vignte et un was first introduced in the 1700s, and it reached the United States in the 1800s after a long and successful run all over Europe’s gambling scene. When vignte et un reached the United States, it came to its peak point as a casino game. By that time, it was now known as 21 or Lucky 21. The game has also received several changes and variations. Finally, the black jack game was also formally introduced as black jack when one particular variation of 21 awarded bonus payouts to players who got a winning hand containing an ace and a black jack card. The black jack term was eventually coined to be known as the very name of the ingenious card game.

After a long, satisfying run, black jack eventually rose to unparalleled fame. It now comes in many different forms, and has been used as a foundational game to create other types of card gambling. The original game has also been turned into the live dealer version, which is, by far, the most beneficial turn it has taken ever since its history. With live black jack gambling perfectly duplicated online, the game was even propelled into an impressively famous game that wins the race for the favorite casino game around hands down. But despite its long-standing fame, black jack continues to baffle casino players worldwide. Be it the land version, or the live online version, black jack gambling is still complicated, and the ultimate black jack victory remains elusive, save for those who fate happened to smile upon and grace with a win. Such is the resilience of the black jack game, and its earliest pioneers indeed did a wonderful job in creating a game that was set to make the casino world even more exciting than ever before.

By Dan Roberts II
Dan writes original informative articles about many of the live blackjack online casinos that are now available in the UK. You can play live dealer blackjack as well as live online blackjack games.