Poker has become a game that is no longer must played in the casinos. Many people now play poker from their home computers. There are many sites devoted to just this form of playing poker. Online playing has greatly changed the way that poker is being played all over the world. Many players have moved to playing online poker because it is much cheaper than playing in a casino. This is possible because there are less overhead costs when playing outside of a casino.

There are many advantages to playing online poker, as well as many changes to playing poker the internet has made. One of the reasons the overhead cost is less when playing online is because by adding or taking away tables doesn’t affect the space of the building. The tables are how the casino makes their money but whereas playing online there can be an infinite amount of tables being played at. Online rooms also allow players to post lower stakes; sometimes these stakes are as low as a few cents. Players are often able to play in tournaments that often do not have an entry fee. Most online poker rooms do this because it is a way to get more people to their site and boost the chances of the person returning.

There are disadvantages to playing online. Many people believe that online sites are more susceptible to fraud and security issues. Often online sites have more securities in place to protect the player’s information. They often have security that isn’t available at an actual casino. For cases of fraud, online poker security employees can go back and look at the history and see what has been played. They can tell in there are cheating software to see if people are using this software to play their hands. Online poker rooms also have software in place that can stop multiple players playing from their own computers on multiple accounts. This also stops cheating. These are all things that people can run into as they play online but people can rest assure that the security of the site they are playing at will be right on top of finding out who is doing it.

Online poker has many advantages and disadvantages. It is great for people who like to play poker but are unable to make it to casinos. It also is much cheaper of a habit when you play online. Online poker has changed the way that people see poker and how it can be played.

By stickystebee