There are two ways to find out. You can find out the expensive way by going out to play with real money. Or, you can buy a set of poker chips and practice at home until you are winning consistently. This was how I made $800.00 in profit on my first visit to my local applying the skills and secrets I reveal in my Ultimate Card Counting System.

As common sense as this sounded, most people ignore it and then experience a devastating loss their first time, then they give up on card counting.
One thing I still have a hard time accepting is how casino goers who love playing blackjack never bother to learn how to count cards to gain an edge over the casinos. Could it be due to stupidity? Or, lack of self-discipline? I’m leaning towards lack of self-discipline. I say this because as human beings, we tend to want “quick fixes” to our problems.
For blackjack players, we want to WIN right now, not later. Therefore, our irrational instincts tell us that learning how to count cards will take too long. But if you ask any professional card counter, they will tell you that they did not become a professional card counter over night.
Here is how I became pro:
? I lived, ate, and pooped blackjack card counting (everyday for 3 months).
? I saw the bigger picture (sacrifice time to train now for future rewards).
? I had a supportive wife who saw my skills grow validated my skills.
? I started to think like an investor instead of a gambler.
? I stopped being greedy with my profits (I set up a profit goal and came home immediately once I reached my goal).
? I still train everyday to keep my skills sharp.
? I still love, eat, and shit blackjack card counting.
These are just some tips on how I became pro. Anyone can become a master card counter if they put in the time and effort. It is not rocket science. The most difficult challenge is to actually take that step to learn how to count cards.
Here are my thoughts about free info online regarding card counting:
? You get what you pay for!
? the info is very general.
? the info only scratches the surface.
? the info only tells you ABOUT card counting.
? it does not go into detail about how to develop skills.
? it does not tell you where to go play.
? it does not tell you how to win more and faster.
I can go on and on, but you probably get my drift. Making money info is not valuable if it is free, trust me. There is also a psychology behind free info. For most folks, when they get something for free, they don’t value or take the info seriously. The reason is because they think like this after they receive the info, “I didn’t pay for it, so oh well.” But when people pay for info, they tend to think like this: “I better take this seriously now.” This psychology applies not only for free info, but also for tangible products and services. I don’t know whether you agree with me or not, but hey, its my opinion.
Put some money into learning how to count cards from a pro before you go out again and play with real money. You will definitely position yourself in a better place with knowledge and strategies on how to beat blackjack. Be an investor, not a gambler. Not many people are willing to invest in learning, and those folks continue to give money away to casinos. Those that do make the investment to learn how to count cards, they are the ones making a lot of money and enjoying an incredible lifestyle.

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