Slot machines were originally invented over a hundred years ago and although advanced for their time compared to what we see today are somewhat archaic.
Original slot machines were referred to as one armed bandits due to the arm leaver that was used to play the machine and the ability for it to leave a player penniless. The original one armed bandit slot machine was invented by Charles Fey of San Francisco. Charles Fey later went on to simplify his slot machine as the inability to control payouts due to its complexity was hindering the machines popularity.
Fey introduced a 3 reel slot machine with the symbols of a liberty bell, horseshoes, diamonds, spades and hearts with the ultimate payout when the reels lined up three liberty bells giving the slot machine the name of the liberty bell. The slot machine was placed in public houses, saloons, brothels, bowling alleys and barbers stores and grew so popular that many other companies manufactured ‘bell’ type slot machines.
The slot machine evolved with technology and new features and bonuses were created within the slot machine and with the invention of casinos the game was the most popular and profitable gambling device in most land based casinos.
Online gambling has become increasingly popular in recent years with technology allowing for a true gaming experience similar to that received in a traditional land based casino online. Due to their simple nature online slot machines were one of the first games to frequent online casinos. Much like the invention of the original slot machine online slots have become increasingly popular and with it increasingly more complex. Offering more incentives to play such as bonuses and win spins.
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