Although it is not exactly known where bingo was first played many historic facts point to Italy in the 1530 right after the country was put back into one after several years of division. The lottery in Italy was called the “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’ Italia” which in English is “the clearance of the lot of Italy “.In its early days of formation as is today the state lottery was played on Saturday and the lottery its self is said to have originated in olden day China during the era of the Han dynasty.
Quire as it may sound the UK national lottery was initiated by her Majesty the Queen of England Elizabeth 1 in1567 and as early as that time was part of the history of bingo in the UK. Bingo’s popularity was from the onset as tens of thousands of entry cards were bought and the prices included cash, tapestries and jewelry. The lottery may not be the subject of the topic it is part of the history of bingo in terms of its formation and the laws that govern the game on how it is played and the whole gaming industry. In 1930s, the game of bingo was brought to the shores of the UK by an American promoter, oddly enough the game was first mainly played in European countries and only got to the United States as many Europeans crossed the Atlantic to make the Americas their home.
Bingo was more than a game to the European people it was a tool they used to teach their children mathematics and a whole host of other tutorial purposes for example it was also used for the purposes of passing knowledge on biology. The game most suitable to explain this is “Embryo” it was played by shouting the several stages of the development of the embryo and as soon as one had completed all the stages they had to call out loud the word “Embryo” it may sound far fetched but bingo as a teaching aid is good is widely used as a teaching aid.
The game of bingo has been of great economic help to the UK economy as it has added revenue that runs into the millions this is due to the game being received well by different cross sections of the population.
On the social side, since the advent of the game it has become a recreational pastime to be enjoyed with friends and family. The game’s force on the social scene in the country can be felt by many as the testify that, bingo has created or helps unify a community and helps in the integration of new members. Technology has had an effect on the game or should I say the game has moved with the times as there is online bingo. Bingo online is probably one of the fastest growing games and hopefully this will not be an adverse development to the unification of communities.

By Max Turner
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