Are you a bingo addict and can’t help but keep looking for excuses to bingo games everyday? Do people charge you for being a bingo buff? Well, then it’s time to accuse them for not playing bingo as they are missing out on one of the most amazing daily workouts to stay fit and fine!

Elderly persons need all the exercise they can get to stay fit and healthy. Most of the time elderly people can’t perform certain exercises that have become too difficult for them. Mental stimulation, however, is another story. Playing bingo gives them enjoyment and fun, and helps them to keep alert. Elderly people enjoy their time by playing this favorite game, while chatting with their friends, and visiting with newcomers.

A group of medical specialist has proven that you can now play the bingo to stay healthy, wealthy and wise! They conducted a test on the senior citizens who play a bingo games continuously and those who barely play the bingo games. And this test proved that the former group of bingo players had lesser risks of dementia, disability and death risk. Does that clear your doubts of bingo being an addiction? No? Then take a look at the some of the points that prove that bingo is no less than a health drink.

Here, has a look:

Play the Bingo Games to Restore your Memory:

Loss of memory is a common medical problem that people above 50 tend to face as they grow old. But if you play a bingo continuously, you are less likely to fall prey to such a health fuss. That’s because while you play the bingo games, you can’t bum around just like that. You need to maintain your ears and eyes open so that you can locate the numbers efficiently on your bingo card and mark them accordingly.

If you want to play the bingo games efficiently and win some bonus too, you need to pay attention to the numbers being called out and you can do that only if you have good concentration skills. So, in a way playing bingo is a good way to exercise your brain muscles and also increase the blood flow in your brain thus helping you maintain your memorizing power.

Play the Bingo Games to refresh your Mind and Soul:

Social in nature, bingo brings you a platform where you can communicate and get social with your friends and relatives. And socializing on online bingo means interacting with people from all corners of the world. Talking to people you know and interacting with people you don’t know replenishes your mind and soul. Thus playing bingo regularly brings your mind and soul in harmony with each other which further fastens the anti-aging processes of your body.

Leading medical experts conducted a comprehensive research according to which if you play the bingo games wisely and you know where to draw the line, it will definitely bear positive results on your health. Remember excess of everything is bad! If you play the bingo games day in and day out you naturally tend to become a bingo addict.

So, play a bingo games and stay young! But play them wisely!!!

By Natalia Duport
Hi, this is the Natalia from Leiria, Portugal. I love to write articles on Bingo Online, to know more about how to play and improve your game of Bingo. You can visit my website at