According to the Milan Italy media news network “message, team mates at into WWI 70 ball banner of bear” 70 “soccer jersey auction 1 million euros, according to the wishes of my team mates, the auction proceeds all donated to the Milan city of Stefano-Bo Keno Vaux (Stefano Borgonovo) Foundation for charity. On November 4, champions, Milan rely on his team mates of the two goal draw the Real Madrid. It is with these two goals, team mates will own WWI score raised to 70 (UEFA Cup winners ‘ Cup in 50 + 2 + Europe Calix 10 + toto Cup 7 + 1 European Super Cup), and in the UEFA rankings, WWI scoring goes beyond the Cap-de-Muller (69 ball) and Raul (69 ball), becoming the first European football. When you tap into your own WWI 69, 70 balls, team mates have demonstrated the dorsal number is “69” and “70” Milan cheap soccer jerseys, obviously either team mates or AC Milan, all ready to “go beyond”. After the game to receive the Gazzetta “interview with team mates said:” in fact, since last year, has already prepared the Jersey. However since AC Milan this summer to replace a sponsor, he had to change the LOGO on a replica soccer jerseys. “It’s printed with Milan new sponsor LOGO and the words” 70 “shirt, for his team mates, has a meaning of” beyond “, and now his team mates and give it a more far-reaching significance. According to the wishes of my team mates, “70” replica soccer jerseys to online auctions, and eventually this mysterious buyers use take 1 million euros. Followed by his team mates decided all auction proceeds donated to the Milan city famous Stefano-Bo Keno Vaux Foundation, all for charity. In the realization of “beyond” a week later, injuries, team mates and claim the remaining races of the season was Milan official website confirmed the news, all the fans are wringing their hands over sigh. More worrying is that a number of Italy media because age, serious injuries likely crisis team mates career. But the good news is that the 37-year-old team mates still have good strong heart, that doesn’t guarantee the retired and would return to football ground. Although leather wave I did not want to have the banner is printed with the words “71”, but as long as the shirt of the team mates to come back, it must be possible to achieve beyond again. When informed that his team mates will “70” cheap soccer jerseysauction and money for charity, all Italy media salute to his team mates, and preparation for the surgery team mates on the most sincere and deepest wishes.

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