There is nothing new under the sun and everything that has gone on before makes a comeback at some point. This holds true for toys and entertaining activities as well. Toys of yesteryear are now showing back up on store shelves everywhere. They may be done with a modern twist or they can be offered as authentically possible as the originals. Whether you are looking to buy a birthday present or for gifts to go under the tree, you may want to take a minute to remember what your favorite toy was as a youngster and decide if that may be the best gift for your child as well.

For gifts for your little girl, you can find old-school favorites like My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake. My Little Pony was first introduced by the Hasbro Company in 1983 and thrilled little girls all over the country until 1995. The ponies were loved for their bright colorful bodies and trademark symbol upon the ponys flank. My Little Ponies were re-released in 1997 outside of the United States, 1999 in the States through 2003. It was officially and globally re-launched in 2005 and just as when they were originally released, they are still winning over little girls hearts. Strawberry Shortcake was originally released in 1977 with her trademark fruity clothes and berry smelling scent. She has recently regained a popular fan base with the latest generation of girls. Rainbow Brite made her colorful debut in 1983 as an animated television series, merchandising from toys to games to books to lunch boxes soon followed. The episodes ran through 1986, but in recent years despite not having the television show anymore, Rainbow Brite is once again brightening up toy stores everywhere.

Boys now get the chance to find out the appeal of great classic toys that their dads may have played with once upon a time. Games like backgammon checker and chess were seemingly a lost art, but with the advent of new boards, characters and electronics, these are quickly rising in popularity again. With the release of big screen blockbusters G.I. Joe, Transformers and even Mr. Potato Head featured in the Toy Story Series are delighting little guys once again. G.I. Joe first showed up in 1964 from the Hasbro Company as an action figure. G.I. stands for Government Issue that was responsible for coining the term action figures. G.I. Joe re-released their line but adding the phrase A Real American Hero from 1982-1994. In 2007, G.I. Joe celebrated its 25th Anniversary and then later went on to release G.I Joe vs. Cobra in 2009. Transformers, yet another great Hasbro toy, were released in 1984 as Robots in Disguise. They stayed popular for many years before trailing off into distant memories, which with the big screen release Transformers have been resurrected and enjoying a newfound popularity. Another notable comeback in the world of boys toys is Doctor Who figures. This was a long running British sci-fi TV series originating in the 1960s and in 2005 Character Options was granted the license to create, distribute and sell merchandise.

With all the current, latest, hottest and stat-of-the art toys available nowadays you would think toys from yesterday would stay there, but for one reason or another, they are enjoying their comeback as they delight a new generation of kids. If you have not seen your favorite toy make a comeback yet, keep an eye out, you may just see the brand new release yet.

By Shawn Manaher
The author has spent a lot of time learning about backgammon checker and other related topics. Read more about doctor who figures