Poker: Intro to Grinding Out Multiple Tables Online Following the explosion of Texas Hold’em’s popularity in 2003, millions of relatively new players have flocked to game rooms both digital and brick and mortar to test their luck and skill against the rest.

In the years since, experienced and new players alike have begun to profitably utilize a style of play found only online: grinding out at multiple tables. In this article we discuss the general concept of multi-table grinding as opposed to advice on the actual card play itself.

If you are beginner and are unfamiliar with pot odds, playing position, and quality standards for starting hands, playing multiple tables is probably a bad idea right now. Grinding is a poker term for a particularly tight, aggressive style of play in which a player waits for particularly good odds before entering into a hand. Rather than seeking out big rewards with big risks, grinders sit patiently hand after hand after hand, playing every hand exactly as they should and seeking out a tidy profit in the long run.

Grinding is a lot less glamorous than riskier play, but it also pays the most reliable profits if you can play a good, tight game. Grinders are easy to spot at a table; they’re the ones sitting quietly, entering few hands and playing quality pocket cards. Because this style of play is so tight, it lends itself well to playing multiple tables.

The player already knows that he is only going to play quality hands, so he will be ignoring the action on the majority of the tables. It’s difficult to get a read on players online anyway, much less at five to ten tables at once, so you’re constantly playing a hand and moving onto to the next table as it pops up. In this style, you’re basically just waiting for a very good hand to come your way and betting it for as much as can get.

If true, skilled poker playing can be compared to the art of fly fishing, multi-table grinding is like sitting on a pier with multiple fishing lines sitting out in the ocean, quietly waiting for a monster to come along. As with pier fishing and muli-table grinding, the biggest enemy to the game is boredom.

By Dave Saltonstall
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