Want to know what to do in Gold Coast, Australia?

Hitting the Surf and the Sand

One of the main attractions for visitors who choose to take their vacations here in the sunny Gold Coast of Australia are the golden and glimmering beaches, with shorelines spanning several kilometers. Surfers, sunbathers, and many beach-loving individuals find that a vacation to the Gold Coast is the best vacation for them to have. With over 70 kilometers of beach area patrolled for safety, you can be sure that your holiday on the sand is safe and enjoyable. You can find Gold coast accommodation choices on or near these beaches, and you can choose from the reasonably priced Gold Coast apartments or condo rentals to the opulent and expensive hotels fronting the water.

Days on the Beach, Nights Out on the Town

Of course, you can’t just spend our vacation in Queensland and not hit the many nightspots to be found here. Maximize your free time with the many options for entertainment that open up when the sun sets here. There are dance clubs, pubs, nightclubs, jazz bars and many more to choose from. Put on your dancing shoes as you dance the night away in the many clubs here. You can also stroll the streets for a casual view of the city at night. You might even choose to hit the casinos for a try at your luck. Casinos here are open 24 hours a day. Who knows, you might hit the jackpot at one of their many machines or rack up chips on one of their numerous game tables. Try to win at blackjack, craps or baccarat and see if you can make the slot machines blare with a jackpot win when you drop by one of the nights you are in the city.

Shopping, Sightseeing, and Many More

What is a vacation without souvenirs? You can score your Gold Coast souvenirs at the many huge malls you can find here or in the flea markets along the beach front. It is said that some of the biggest malls in the country can be found here, and you can have a blast walking through and shopping in any one of them. Prepare your cameras for your sightseeing adventures here as well. You can go to some of the theme parks that can be found here as well. Pet and carry some cute koalas in a koala park or get a different kind of water adventure with a trip to the water park. You can also take pictures of the many sea creatures you can find in Sea World and try to catch the speeding vehicles in action on the speedway of the Indy 300 Carnival here. You can also go wildlife observing and see the many different kinds of animals being protected by the wildlife sanctuaries in the area. Don’t forget your sunscreen and your cameras when gazing at the crocodiles and other bushland creatures to be found in these sanctuaries. You may need to book a tour ahead to be able to enjoy such a unique experience that can only be had in Australia.

By Beverly Maniago
There is a huge array of activities and adventures to be had in Gold Coast, Australia. So make sure that you can already find a good Gold Coast Accommodation. You can look for Gold Coast apartments, villas, hotels, and lodges.