Originating in Rome, the game of Backgammon is a very entertaining one that many people enjoy for hours upon hours. Backgammon has the appearance of checkers, but really doesn’t have much in common with the game of checkers other than that. The game involves counting dice. Being able to play this game in online casinos allows the players of this game to enjoy it whenever they want without the danger of brick-and-mortar casino betting.

Knowing The Rules

There are many rules associated with the game of backgammon:

* Backgammon is meant for two players, no more, no less.

* Either player has the opportunity to go first, so the colors of checkers you play with does not matter. First player is determined by who has the highest count on their dice thrown. Dice thrown from each player to determine who goes first is the dice count for the first player’s move.

* Two pairs of six-sided dice are best for the game – giving each player one pair. Dice cups are often used in order to avoid dice manipulation.

* The backgammon board has 24 triangles that are in alternating colors – these are referred to as points. Six points make up a quadrant.

* Each player has an inner board and an outer board – separated by the bar (where checkers are located after they get hit).

Getting Down To Play-Time

* The object of the game is to bear all of your checkers first. After moving your pieces around the board and returning to their inner board, a player starts the bear off where they try to collect all of their checkers before the other player.

* The dies thrown can be split up between two players or all used for one player. The number on the dice is the number a single player can move – no more, no less.

* You can move your checker to any point with your checkers on them or no more than one of your opponent’s checkers. You can also move to points that have no checkers on them.

* Rolling doubles gives you double the count that you can move using up to four checkers.

* If a player lands where an opponent’s single checker is, that opponent’s piece is moved to the bar and the player’s piece replaces theirs. This is called a hit.

* Pieces can be removed from the bar when the roll of one dice will move that piece to a point where an opponent is not located in the opponent’s inner board. If you cannot get out of the bar, the turn goes to the opponent.

* The bear off cannot begin until all of a player’s checkers are on the player’s inner board.

* If during a bear off, you get hit by your opponent, the hit checker moves to the bar and the bear off can’t continue until that piece is back in your inner board.

Backgammon is a simple game offered by many online casino and is a great game that many people really have fun with. Give it a shot, it could be your next hobby!

By Ima Johnson
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