If you implement it right, you can in fact increase your chances of winning. It is not the same as winning every time though. On the basis of cards dealt already, card counting helps you decide whether you should go for a hit, double, split, surrender, or stand. It supports the fact that a deck rich in high cards (10s and Aces) is better for a player whereas a deck full of low cards (2-9) is good for the Dealer. The tips provided below will help you get the most out of card count.This strategy for blackjack is pretty unpopular in casinos and casinos do their best to keep card counters away from the casino. Casinos sometimes alter the rules of game even when a game is in progress, on account of because card counters can win more often. So, it is always recommended that you read and understand the table rules before playing a Blackjack hand.Counting the card is an advanced blackjack strategy. You should practice the basic Blackjack strategy before going for card counting. Knowing the basic strategy would help you make a good decision in case you find yourself confused in the middle of a this session.Check your card counting proficiency before you decide to play with real money. Don’t attempt any card counting technique just by hearing about it. Understand and practice a technique first and once you feel comfortable enough, go ahead and give that a go! Practice the technique at home, or with your friends. The more you practice the better you will feel at the casino.Shirk up the idea that card counting works each and every time you hit a Blackjack table. It is a method, not a magic wand. There may be times, due to a lot distracting elements found in casino, when you’ll miss your count, or you may end up counting incorrectly. This may break your winning streak. Also, the method works on probability of getting certain cards out of the deck.

By Chanchaldi
Rather than sticking to a happy-go-lucky attitude at Blackjack, apply a few Online Blackjack Strategy and tips to increase your odds at winning. Happy card counting!