Want to know how is a game of blackjack played? Or is it that you have tried your hand at it sometimes and want to know more? While it is not rocket science it is also not something that does not require any attention and understanding of it’s strategies at all. Fortunately, they are not that hard. Get to know the basics of the game by reading further.

The sole objective of the game is to get total of the cards in hand equal to or closer to 21 without busting. The term ‘busting’ indicates that some player has crossed the total of twenty one. In case the dealer busts then you win the game by default. When the dealer does not bust and the total of your cards is lower than his, he wins the game. The dealer also wins if you bust and he doesn’t.

In a free online blackjack game every player on the table gets cards. Two cards are issued to the dealer one which he can read and the other is kpt face down on the table. The game is begun by the player on the left of the dealer and then the other players play their turn when they either stand meaning they simply do not take any more cards or they split if they have pairs, ot they double down meaning they double their bet and take one more card or they hit meaning they simply take one more card. After all players have played their turn the dealer upturns his face-down card and the winner is decided in accordance with the rules at that particular table.

The dealer strictly sticks to the rules of the table and he does not have any right to modify them. For instance the table can rules be demanding the dealer to hit if currently his hand totals 16 and below or he may be required to stand on 17 and above. More or less all the free online blackjack sites have rules like these but ofcourse they wll vary a little from site to site.

Once you start playing you will understand the game better. There are a wide variety of places online that offer Free Online Blackjack and this is convenient because you do not even need to leave your house in order to play. Now that you know basic rules of free online blackjack you can move on to learning more about it’s strategies. Searching for a free strategy card should be your next step so you can now print the strategy card from this page. Use it each and every time you’re playing. In a matter of some time you will know them all and will not have to keep any cards with you while playing.

By Thomas