You have a better chance getting hit by an aeroplane then winning at any lottery or casino!

One arm bandits are just another name for TAX grab of parasites! (compliments of the governments and natives who say one thing and do another.) They don’t pay taxes like you. Both know they have you over a barrel when they don’t work for the labour you are throwing away. The truth hurts but a lie is agony!

We know you would like to be rich and live a fancy life style. But in this day and age of everyone being greedy and selfish with the total looming death of this earth. Seems the desire for money is more important then trying to save this earth. Don’t be lead astray by;

Only lazy people who don’t want to work for an honest living, they offer you a chance to gain money they didn’t work for! They stole this money from others like you and want to offer you the chance to win this while they know the chances are extremely slim. These people speak great things while lying through their teeth!

These people are followers of the devil, FACTS do not lie.

The addiction of gambling and you will loose your job, family, children and friends? It will happen whether you like it or not. Don’t believe us, Why do governments offer gambling counselling that doesn’t seem to work. After the fact.
If they actually cared they would STOP all gambling!

Continue to gamble and you will be out on the streets with absolutely no roof over your head? No loved ones, with your whole family gone. Only a Fool thinks he will win! This person is in for a big surprise when they find out that humility comes before humbleness.

Think this will not happen when you are a gambler? Only few will win at this and your odds of winning is billions to one.

Why do the casinos keep advertising for you and speak of all the riches you will never see. While they pocket YOUR LABOUR.

Governments say one thing and do another, they want you to gamble while they say otherwise. Liars all of them, so they can build their pensions and take yours away. They are on the road of complete and total domination whether you believe this or not.
They want your land home with or without you occupancy.

The good lord said you can’t have and follow God and mammon (money.)

Don’t be fooled by these who take your hard earned money for the movement of a card or a one armed bandit etc.

It’s better to give love to your children and family. Live a meek and lowly life with the love of your family, Your children will love you for your honesty and values. Wait for the coming of the good lord and see the fall of those who are selfishly motivated. Save your children’s future and their love for you, show them you love them and teach them you care by staying away from these parasites.

Governments and casino’s will not help you stop gambling. Liars all of them!

If you want to gamble that has a better then any lottery, casino or one armed bandit chance at winning that will benefit you, your children and everyone, then learn about our research to help stop cancer from air pollution, learn the truth about the energy that will replace all sources of energy. Learn the true identity of the energy that controls the whole universe that the educated have not been able to figure out. But remember to gamble with this research and you have a better chance to win then any other form of gambling!

Use the links found to our web site and help put these parasites to shame!

By David Chura
David Chura, research investigator, field of CMA energy, global warming stop gambling