Bingo can be a great game and lots of fun, like any type of gambling it’s learning when to stop. I have written the following email to help inform you of the best methods to help you control gambling problems if you feel like it’s getting out of hand. I hope the following article will help with any problems you may have.
If you feel like you have gambling problems or are getting to the point where you are concerned you may have in the future there are the following options out there for you to consider.
Gambling Therapy Online Services- There are many sites which are aimed at giving you a therapy service online. Although I’m not convinced they will work there are options for someone wanting to go down this route. These websites allow you to have support from an advisor. The advisor discusses the options of help available to them.
Forums- Forums are a place where anybody can talk to other people with the same problems and discuss recovery strategies. This is also a great way of making lifelong friends.
Online Support Groups- are very similar to forums but support groups are often started with a counsellor and then when everyone is at a level where they can then support each other the counsellor leave them to support each other.
If you feel like you are having difficulty with gambling there are some software packages which can block gambling sites so that in your moment of weakness you can’t be tempted.
Don’t forget that it is illegal for persons under the age of 18 to be gambling, if you are gambling online and you are under the age of 18 you could be reported to the police.
I hope this above article will help anyone with a gambling problem.
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By Joan Smith
Joan Smith