Gambling is not yet legal to all states we reside in. Some countries have gambling restrictions and some totally prohibit credit card and other payment processors from processing payments for online casinos. However, lots of players are still indulged with the casino games’ big money and they can’t help but to catch up with the exciting actions. For those players who are wondering where it is legal to gamble, following are the list of countries and states that are safe for online gambling.

Gambling Legalization

* Antigua and Barbuda – legal gambling where casino games and poker are regulated on the island.
* Australia – Interactive Gambling Act 2001 (IGA) aims to protect Australians from harmful effects of gambling but its not an offense to actually play poker or casino games.
* Belize – License for online gaming can be issued to companies operating from Belize but these licensed sites are not allowed to accept wagers from its own residents.
* Cyprus – Online gambling had been legalized in Cyprus which includes online lotteries, betting exchanges, casino gaming and sports betting.
* Dominica – Gambling legalization was approved where online casinos and sportsbooks are licensed. However, physical presence of the company must be maintained in Dominica.
* Finland – Online gambling is popular and legalized in Finland.
* Gibraltar – Online casinos is legal and steady for years.
* Ireland – Tax-free gambling winnings and legal online gambling.
* Italy – Though online gambling had been legalized, their government attempts to limit the hours of playing online.
* Jamaica – Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission regulates gambling.
* Malta – Legal online casinos

Countries that Banned Online Casinos

Its very important to know your state gambling regulations for casinos. Players must be aware for the countries where online gambling is prohibited for their own protection and security. Here is a list of countries where legality of online casinos is banned.

* Argentina
* China
* Hongkong
* Israel
* Japan
* South Korea
* Malaysia
* Poland
* Russian Federation
* Thailand
* Ukraine
* Taiwan
* Dubai

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