Because of the financial crisis people stop visiting land based casinos but they keep playing in online casinos. But many of those gamblers don’t trust online casinos and don’t like a fake dealer. Playing in a live casino is the perfect solution for this problem, but what are the advantages of playing in a live casino?

A live casino is a mix of a land based and online casino. You play at home in an online casino against a real dealer like in a land based casino. With video streaming and a webcam you can play against and chat with a real dealer who is working in a land based casino or in a special studio.

Advantages Live Casino

Playing in a live casino on internet gives you the following advantages:

– You feel the atmosphere of a land based casino while you are at home on the internet
– It’s more trustworthy because you don’t play against the computer
– You can chat with the dealer or other players, so more fun
– Most casino’s offer software in Flash so no download necessary

The only disadvantage of a live casino it’s slower and you have to wait for your turn.

How it works

The casino has different webcams which are connected with your internet connection via video streaming. You can see all the moves of the dealer and with the fast speed internet connection from these days the quality is very good.

With Live blackjack the dealer moves the card over a scanner like in a supermarket and the computer reads the scanner. In this way the cards are shown on your screen. For the rest the game rules are the same like in a normal online casino.

With roulette it’s a sensor which shows the correct winning number on your screen. Also for live roulette you play with the same rules as in an online casino.

Chat option

In a live casino you can chat with the dealer. You can not ask technical or financial questions but you can have a nice chat and ask the dealer personal questions. The Casino Manager is very strict with the chat, so bad language will result in closing your chat option or blocking your account for the live casino games.

How to start

Like in a normal online casino you have to open an account and download software or open the flash software. At most live casinos you can not play for fun money, because they only have a few tables and they only want real players. It’s very interesting to make a small deposit to try a live casino. We are sure that you will enjoy it.

By Jeroen
Jeroen is a gambling expert who writes articles on different pages about online gambling