Whether you’re brand new to online gambling or wish to find a new online casino to test your skills, it’s important to compare Web casinos based on certain criteria. Some gambling venues are simply not trustworthy; others are not reliable or provide lousy service.
And when you’re giving out personal or financial information to any online company, you can’t afford to take any chances! Here are some helpful comparison hints for comparing online casinos to find one that’s best for you.

Legal Jurisdiction

While some countries have banned online gambling and disallow anyone from opening an online casino within their borders, others welcome online gambling from all aspects. The online casino you choose should have legal jurisdiction and licensing in some part of the world. If not, it is illegal altogether. Some of the popular places that allow online gambling and/or the operation of an online casino from within their borders include Gibraltar, Curacao, Kahnawake, Alderney, Malta and Antigua. Find out if you are playing legally by contacting your local legislators or by checking with online gambling forums for legal facts in your country, state or province. This will save you many headaches (and possible fines) later.

Cashout Comparison

Cashouts enable you to get cash for your winnings transferred to your own bank account or an online payment account such as PayPal.com or Google Payments. Some online gambling establishments offer 24-hour cashout periods while others make you wait longer. Also, some casinos do not allow weekend cashouts. You should compare to see which ones offer the method and time frame you prefer.

Reverse Withdrawal Time

Once you have winnings in your account, you can request a withdrawal of your funds for cashout. But as mentioned above, there is usually a 24-hour waiting period or longer. During your “wait” you cannot play or access your account. That is…unless you request a reverse withdrawal. A reverse withdrawal means you wish to cancel your withdrawal and use your winnings to wager and play more games through the online casino. This can become a trap for those who lack the patience to wait on their cashout to be completed. It’s also a great way for casinos to make more money…so be careful. Find out what the reverse time period is before signing on. Often times, it is the same time period or half the time of the actual waiting period for your cashout.


You can compare sign-on bonuses to see which casino is offering the best deal for newcomers. One might offer a cash bonus deposited into your new account. Another might offer to match your deposits. Or you might receive free play for the first few games. Either way, don’t just sign up with any casino based on the bonus. Examine the site’s long-term benefits and trustworthiness as well.


The software being used by an online casino can affect how well the game loads, speed of the functions and your overall playing experience. Some popular casino game software programs include Playtech, Wagerworks, RTG and Microgaming. You can check most of the top casinos online to see which software they use, and then read reviews on that particular software.

Read about multiple casinos before choosing one. Gambling forums and online casino safe lists can give you insight as to which are the best. It’s important to choose a site you can trust as well as one that offers the best terms for playing. You can also read gambling guides online for visiting various places around the world. Read a Las Vegas guide online before going, or learn about Singapore casinos or Macau gambling resorts. If you really love being a player, try a bit of both styles of gambling to make it interesting!

By Chris Robertson
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