For the past few years, development of online casino gambling opportunities for children and teenagers was seen. Online casino websites have started targeting the young or the youth of the society, because it is easier to tempt them] with freebies and bonuses. Surveys have revealed that children and teenagers are the most affected by online gambling.

An excessive exposure to online casino websites leads to addiction to internet gambling. Gambling is all about winning and losing. Addiction into it can cost heavy financial losses. Losing huge amounts of money may lead to bankruptcy.

New flow of commercials related to stop gambling has had very tiny affect. The commercials are geared towards helping people stop gambling but are not geared towards individuals who have not experienced gambling ’til this point of time. The anti – gambling commercials have not been able to reach the teenager with a compulsive gambling addiction. They however may reach the parents who may realize their children has a problem.

More often, no government authority govern online casino gambling. Absence of central regulation gives rise to spread of malpractices and unbiased use of resources. Unregulated gambling practices may result in unwarranted disbursement of money and waste of time.

Teenagers might be too young to have an entry to an actual casino, but there is nothing to avoid someone from entering a certain online casino site that is every bit as addictive or perhaps even more so, due to the ease of access. There is no need to travel along to be able to get there. No dress code required and all involvement is easily kept as a secret from parental interest. The online teenage gambling environment is intrusive, compelling and dangerous.

Teenage gambling problem is taking a worrying foothold, especially on the internet. Technically, minors (18 years old and below) are not legally allowed to gamble, on the internet or anywhere else. However, online permissions are summarily obtained and most teenagers have experimented with gambling well below the age of majority.

In a few radical cases, teenage gambling has begun innocently enough with learning to play different online casino games and within a few more days an unbelievable $20,000 – $30,000 debt has been incurred. The fear, anxiety and long term damage caused bu such an experience can affect the family for several years. Even more tragic, the risk of such an intense encounter with gambling could sites could have been limited or even totally prevented by gambling blocking software so that gambling sites were eliminated from a teenager’s online access.

At most times, teenage gambling addiction occurs the knowledge and consent of course of a parent and often known by parents only when they’re too committed on it and they can no longer escape from the same or when it’s too late.

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By John