Most of the time people get entrapped in addictions for the purpose of getting relief, in order to take a leap from reality where things do not happen according to one’s liking. Addictions for a time being sooth the wounds of a person but cause damage in the longer run. There are some people who try out addictions just for the purpose of thrill and fun. What they don’t realize is that they will slowly become a slave of their addictions which will take the shape of a need of their system. The bottom line is that anything that becomes an addiction turns out to be kind of injurious, so nothing really needs to be said about the conventional addictions. They are literally lethal. Contrary to what people believe, addictions are also very fertile causes of depression and other kind of complexities in life. Though it sounds very clichd addictions are actually no way out of the trials and tribulations of life. At best they are just temporary deviators that take a person away from reality only for the worse.

Whenever we talk of addiction the three things that come to our mind are smoking, alcohol and drugs. Apart from these three there are several other anti social elements or for that matter crimes, that become addictions and then a need for a certain section of the society. However, it will be wrong to assume that the people who are prey to these addictions are in a happy state of mind or at mental peace. They also have to face quiet a deal of mental dilemma. Sadly enough they fail to realize that much of their mental uncomfort is due to the addictions only!

A very prevalent addiction that has been there in every society right from the ancient times is the addiction of gambling. Gambling has found existence amidst the human society in different formats and in every section of the society. In the epics also we find mention of gambling. Today among the affluent class gambling is prevalent in forms like casinos. For the middle class and the poorer section also gambling finds an existence. There are numerous instances when people lose everything to gambling. Household violence is also common with people who are victims of this utterly disastrous addiction. Apart from these, addictions like gambling are also detrimental to a person’s health. Especially his mental health. Gambling has been found to be a very prolific cause of the mental disorder depression. Depression has been found to be very common in the people who are addicts to gambling. Most probably because gambling is not all about gaining, it’s also equally about losing. People lose fortunes due to gambling addiction. Delving deep into depression after such a state of affairs is only natural. Though one can seek the assistance of the antidepressants like xanax online still it won’t be much fruitful if the cause persists. This antidepressant is meant to be had only on prescription. Even when you want to buy xanax online you are required to have the prescription.

By Denzing Jones
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