Have you met with the funnier side of Bingo yet? We asked players at some online and land-based Bingo halls, and came to know about many funny Bingo sayings. The Bingo sayings we came across were hilarious. Presented below are some of those funny Bingo sayings. We’re sure you will love them.:-)

Here’s the first funny Bingo saying: I only play Bingo on the days that end in Y.

This Bingo saying is really interesting and gets the ball rolling. It’s true that there are players who love to play Bingo so much that they will happily leave their daily chores to play Bingo. Since the introduction of online Bingo, players are playing more Bingo than ever. Gone are the days when players used to wait for the weekends to flock Bingo halls. Online Bingo is available 24/7 and a computer connected to the Internet is all you need to play Bingo online.

Next funny Bingo saying is about the choice. My husband said to choose between him and Bingo. I’m gonna miss that man!

Can someone go too far about a game? Yes! And the saying above advocates that. We better not give a serious Bingo player the choice of picking between Bingo or something else. Bingo players would certainly choose Bingo and we would have to incur heavy losses.

The next funny Bingo saying is about “supporting” a cause. Support Bingo. Keep grandmas off the street!

What a cause! Well, Bingo player would definitely support this one. To be honest with you, you can not only save grandmas but youngsters and middle aged people too. Bingo is no more a grandma-only game. People of all ages are playing Bingo. Many consider Bingo a good and rewarding pastime.

The last funny Bingo saying is about the love of Bingo. Flex your Bingo wings.

If you’re not aware, Bingo wings is the flabby fatty skin that hangs down between elbow and shoulder. They say only the “chosen” Bingo players develop Bingo wings. Whether you like Bingo wings or not, the players who have Bingo wings love to flaunt them. Hats off to players who love Bingo so much.

Did you like these funny Bingo sayings? We hope you did. Now spread the word and let others know about it too.

By Jeffrey Mcmahon
The author of this article writes about casino and gambling. know more about various casino games and free casino bonus offers