Table games are universally popular with office staff. The presence of a games table in an office canteen, lunch room or breakout area can greatly enhance staff enjoyment and relaxation during breaks from the office routine. There are a wide range of products on offer and it can be difficult to decide which is most appropriate for a particular environment.

Pool Tables
Pool is a very popular workplace game, given its straightforward rules and the short duration of each game when compared with snooker. Many players find playing pool far more enjoyable and entertaining than playing snooker on a half-size table. Such is its popularity that many offices hold men’s, ladies and mixed leagues and knockout competitions. Amongst the wide range of products available, the Riley 6′ Deluxe Pool table should be a suitable size for most office staff rooms. With a professional-looking, tasteful blue nylon cloth, its playing surface is 11″ x 2′ 6″. The table has adjustable feet to ensure that it remains level and features a ball return system. It is supplied with a full set of accessories, including traditional spots / stripes pool balls, two 4′ cues, cue chalk, a triangle and table brush. For establishments with a little more space and budget, the 7′ Deluxe “Black Cat” Pool Table has a heavy MDF bed which plays similarly to a slate bed. Its competition quality cushions are complemented by stylish electric blue baize. This extremely sturdy table has bolt-on, chrome-plated, self-levelling legs and a full ball return system. It is supplied with a full set of deluxe accessories and carries a one-year warranty.

Table Tennis
Break room table tennis tables are extremely popular with those seeking some cardiovascular exercise during their breaks. Space is a significant factor in many cases, as room is needed both for the table itself and for players to move around it easily. For offices with very limited space, a BCE 6′ folding table tennis table may provide a solution. Complete with net, post, bats and balls, its folding legs mean it can easily be stored away when not in use. For break and lunch rooms where space is not an issue, a full-size 9′ table may be more appropriate.

Table Football
The almost iconic table football, or Foosball, is an ever popular and highly competitive pastime for pairs of players. Various types of table are available and their small size is particularly helpful if space is at a premium. Given the sometimes harsh treatment such a table is likely to receive, a heavy-duty model is recommended. The competitively priced BCE “Wembley” Soccer Table should prove ideal. A robustly constructed beech table, 4′ 6″ in length, it features solid bolt-on legs with individual levellers and reinforced sides. It comes complete with a pair of matching scorers and 4 footballs. Additional balls are available in case of loss.

Multi-games Tables
Multi-games tables are perhaps the most convenient choice for offices where staff have widely varying tastes. A classy-looking Riley “10 in 1” multi-games table is available with accessories for a wide range of games. These include air hockey, foosball, pool, table tennis and shuffle board along with traditional table games such as backgammon, chess, checkers and cards.

By Michael Browne
Article by GameTables4U, a UK supplier of a wide range of table games, including pool tables, table tennis and multi-game tables.