The traditional picture of a slot machine features three reels and an arm to pull in order to activate the machine. If you win, quarters come rushing out the slot. Katy Perry, in her recent video for her hit single recording, Waking Up in Vegas, is depicted with her onscreen boyfriend playing a slot machine in just that fashion. Her boyfriend inserts money, pulls the arm and three 7’s appear, activating a barrage of quarters to slide out the slot. The scene is cute and the recording has a catchy theme, but slots are different today.

Now, we can enjoy our favourite slots when we play slot machine online. Years ago, people had to take expensive junkets to casino towns in order to participate in slot machine action. The playing field for slots has changed dramatically over the past few years with the advent of online casino gambling. The marvels of the Internet have made it possible for you to play slots in your own home.

Due to the recent global economic downturn, players are turning to free casino sites to play casino games. These sites feature games such as Free Slot machine action. On these sites, you do not need to make a monetary investment. The sites allow you to play slot machine online games with no financial investment on your part. This means that you can experience a recreational treat for as long as you wish at no cost to you whatsoever. You can take the money that you normally would have gambled on casino games and use it more prudently during these tough financial times.

Free slot machine action is a great way to relieve the tension and stress after a pressured business day. It’s also a perfect way for housewives to unwind after attending to their household duties all day. Retirees can play slot machine online whenever they wish, and college kids can enjoy slots without risking their tuition money. Free Slot machine action can be played with no downloads, thus keeping your computer’s hard drive uncluttered. So, join the crowd and play slot machine online at free casino sites.

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