Progressive Bingo sites and progressive online Bingo games are those, where players keep on playing for bigger jackpots. In it, the money of the jackpot keeps on increasing with more and more number of players logged into the game. Here, players have to hit full house in specified number of calls. This number is different for different online Bingo platforms. For instance, when you are playing in a 75-ball Bingo room, the number of calls can be 35 or 40; whereas in 90-ball Bingo room, the number of calls can be, let’s say, 55 or 60. The number is generally kept low to make it harder for players to hit jackpot.

In such a scenario, the jackpot money keeps on getting bigger with more number of passing games, where the jackpot has not been hit. In short, it keeps on increasing with more of players and every passing game.

To play on any progressive Online Bingo jackpot game, the first thing a player has to do is to decide on which progressive Bingo he or she wants to play on. As these days, progressive online Bingo games have come on online, players need not to go to their local clubs and check whether any progressive Bingo game goes on there or not. Though, it is not required in today’s time as players don’t have enough hours to spend in going to traditional Bingo clubs and playing Bingo. It is especially when the option of playing games with players across the globe is available while sitting at home, effectively utilising break times of players. Once, you have decided a Free Bingo platform to play on, then come deciding the number of Bingo cards you should play with. Here, new players should play with lesser number of cards as playing with lesser number of cards is easy and hassle-free for new players; whereas seasoned players can play with more number of cards as they will be better equipped to deal with them with more concentration. More number of Bingo cards also means more chances of winning prizes.

By Sam Bingo
The rules of playing for progressive online Bingo games are same as that for any other online Bingo games. Here as well, the players gets prize for hitting full house, completing one line, two lines, etc. The only difference comes in when the money starts accumulating in the jackpot with every passing game.