There are millions of bingo fans around the world, most of which are perfectly eligible to play online bingo for money (ages and jurisdictions considered). Even better, these players could be playing for real money without even depositing their own funds. Many online bingo sites proffer free no deposit bonuses for bingo players.

I’ll give you a moment to lift your jaw up from the floor before I continue…

Yes, it’s true. You can actually get free no deposit bonuses for bingo when you play online. A substantial portion of online bingo operators are promoting these incredible free-trial bonuses to encourage more players to join and test out the games. Best of all, you can actually win some real money while you’re at it.

Why would an online bingo site give you cash to play real money bingo without requiring a deposit? That’s a very good question, and the answer isn’t so far stretched as you might think.

There are around 400 online bingo sites drifting through cyberspace right now. That’s an awful lot of competition when you consider the internet has no localization. When you have competition, you have enticements; valuable promotions that are used to attract a player to this online bingo room instead of that one.

The most sought after promotions of all are no deposit bonuses. For bingo fans, there’s no better way to test the waters of a new online bingo site than by playing the real games, for real money prizes, but without risking an investment first.

Not all no deposit bonuses for bingo are advertised directly on the site’s promotions page. Though many do outwardly promote no deposit bonuses for bingo, some may only be obtained by getting a special no deposit bingo promotion code for different online bingo rooms.

Getting your hands on that free bonus cash can be done in one of several ways, depending on whether you need a special promotion code to claim it or not.

If the online bingo room is openly advertising no deposit bonuses for bingo players new to the site, all you’ll need to do is sign up a first-time player account. The bonus is generally awarded instantly to your “bonus bucks” balance. You’ll be able to use the bonus dollars to purchase bingo cards and/or tickets for your online bingo game(s) of choice.

In some instances, you are required to claim the bonus after joining. If you do not get the free no deposit bonus for bingo as soon as you register your account, head over to the banking area and see if there’s a button that says “claim a bonus”, or something to that effect. If so, click it and your no deposit bonus should be listed. Choose to claim the bonus and it is instantly awarded.

The last way to claim no deposit bonuses for bingo is by entering a promotion code, either during the sign-up phase, or in the cashier. If you’ve obtained an exclusive promo code, you’ll probably have to enter it while singing up. Look for the “promo code” field on the registration form.

If that doesn’t work, complete the sign-up phase and go over to the banking area of the online bingo site. Choose to claim a bonus and input the proper code. Your free bonus bucks are awarded and you’re all set to play for real money, simply by taking advantage of no deposit bonuses for bingo.

By Donna Dorsa
Donna dorsa began a career in journalism in 2006 and quickly became drawn to the genre of online gambling. She studied every component of the internet gaming industry to determine its qualities and drawback. She now spends her time revealing the findings to the general public in the hopes of educating new online bingo, casino and poker players as to what the business truly entails.