Bingo is a popular game, and a great source to win money. There are several kinds of Bingo since the game has come a along way and has evolved into a popular past time. Here, at the outset, is a short history of Bingo.

Bingo was first played in Italy in 1530. That version of Bingo was quite unique compared to what we commonly indulge on today. It was more like a lottery compared to the rules of the game we play today, and it made a mark then. In France, in the late 1700s, only rich aristocrats played the game.

In Germany in the 1800s it was utilized mainly as a learning instrument. School instructors used Bingo to teach math, spelling and other subjects. In the early part of 20th century, it found its way to the US as Beano, until a salesperson by the name of Edwin S. Lowe advertised it under the name Bingo. History of Bingo is long and rich, and now it is one of the favorite games in the world, with at least 3 million fans.

There are many Bingo websites where you can seek help on the mechanics of Bingo. There are various versions of Bingo, and they all somewhat vary in playing rules, so you must decide what kind of Bingo you want to play before you can learn to play Bingo. You should understand all the different types of Bingo before you can decide on which specific kind you intend to learn to play.

The hottest type of Bingo is called 75 Ball Bingo. It is probably the version of Bingo that you are accustomed to, thus a good take off point. Most versions of Bingo offer some sort of bonus, depending on the website you join and the game mechanics. As you gradually become adept with this pastime, you may want to learn some of the colorful Bingo jargons popularized over the years.

By Alberto Maeses
Written by Alberto Maeses. Find the latest information on free bingo bonus as well as bingo history