Being with your family means that you can rest, relax and enjoy quality time together; of course, traditional activities when spending time with your family include dining, watching television and even doing household chores. Nonetheless, there are times when living and spending time with your family is not as easy as it might seem; if there are teenagers the peaceful resting time might be somewhat jeopardised.

While many families take turns telling tales over a candle when the lights go out, and others simply make their own separate ways regardless if they are to spend time together or not, others cannot decide on an adequate environment for their family’s ‘together’ nights.

The best way to create family nights and make everyone feel comfortable with leaving their own personal activities to the side and enjoying the company of their next of kin is to have any board games that you can enjoy. Of course, having games such as yahtzee or backgammon are nice, but usually allow for a limited amount of players that can participate, and when the family is all together it might cause serious problems in terms of some having to sit on the lines and wait for their turn.

Such scenarios usually cause the family night to shorten – and kids slowly start to drift to the kitchen, their rooms, the Internet or even the television. Therefore, you need a game that will keep them all entertained for hours at a time and that is big enough to accommodate your entire group of family members, allowing you such mobility that you can play with a few members or the entire clan.

The best alternative for such a family meeting is to play Bingo. Simple enough to be played even by the smallest members in the family, accessible enough to be played by two or 999 gamers without having to set up any number of paraphernalia or accessories, Bingo is a great choice for your family night.

In addition, Bingo can be played for any number of prizes, from skipping the house chores to even winning money; also, it is healthy enough to be played by the family in a real casino or even online! The rules are simple and the game is easy to play, so there is a distinct chance that with the right strategy that you will be able even to win and escalate your prizes to a bigger choice.

Bingo is around us almost everywhere, since it is a top choice when schools have rallies and fund-collecting events. Bingo games have been deemed as an “old peoples’ ” game, since the game is simple and allows people with arthritis and other age-related problems to play and enjoy. Bingo is a game that is available for everyone and works as a brain exercise, since it requires you to be on the lookout for every number, letter or image that is being used as part of the bingo game.

All this makes Bingo a wonderful and worthwhile family game.

By Rakesh Gaikwad
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