A Fold Up Poker Table can make a huge difference to your home poker games. Your home games will never be the same after you have one. This guide will go over some of the advantages of getting your own fold up poker table. If you are wanting to add poker to your club or bar, this applies as well.

As an overview, a fold up poker table comes in two types. One where the top is one unbroken board and the legs fold up, the other where the surface itself folds in 2 sections as well as the legs folding up below each half. The primary benefit of the last is it takes much less room for storage. Additionally, it costs a great deal less to deliver it lessening your total expense significantly.

The foremost advantage of a fold up poker table is the casino sound and sensation you get when you play on them. The felt is expanded over a pad that muffles the echo of the chips when they strike the table and the other chips. This provides a pleasant “plink” sound that will remind you of a casino table. It also helps reduce the poker chip bounce. The casino quality felt makes for an effortless glide of the cards across the table and the brilliant colors all enhance the experience of the game.

Fold up poker tables come in several sizes and primarily 2 shapes, octagon and oval. The oval tables are elongated and can accommodate as many as ten players depending on their length. The octagonal tables seat up to eight players. Practically all fold up tables have built in cup holders to prevent your cocktail from spilling on the table. They also come with a comfy cushioned arm rest that surrounds the table.

The next benefit to fold up poker tables above the permanent ones is they are moveable. You are able to fold them up and bring them to a another game. I should advise you though that they are very heavy so this is a two person job. In addition because of their size you will require a pickup truck or van because they usually will not fit in the trunk of a an automobile or the rear seat, even the bi-fold ones.

You are able to set up a fold up poker table in a matter of minutes and are all set for some serious poker. Then when you are finished with it, merely fold it up and place it in a closet or under a bed and you now have your space back. You couldn’t do that with a permanent poker table.

By Poker Guy
The author is the owner of a poker supplies store that specializes in folding poker tables.

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