PUTTING A PRICE ON FUN at Online Casinos

The majority of people who jump onto the Internet in order to play online casino games are doing it for the total fun. Although we all want to log off richer than they logged in, studies have shown that the average online casino visitor will consistently choose games with lesser odds if the promise for having a good time in that activity seems certain. So, the question is, “Where does the balance between enjoyment and good mathematical odds factor in?” The best way to get to the bottom of this issue is to look at some games that offer different levels of odds that can be in your favor in the long run.

Now that you have this information to use, you still may be itching to choose games that do not have the best of odds at online casinos. But, at least you will be making that decision from all the proper facts, and not just some crazy idea that some game is ‘your game.’


Most gamblers know craps is one of the best games that they can play when it comes the basic odds. Being a skill game, craps is one that rewards players who have taken the time to learn the details of the game. Along with poker and blackjack and the few other games that rely on skill other than blind luck, craps allows you to lower the house edge such that it does not become an huge detriment against your success.

And yet, in craps at online casinos there are some truly terrible odds to be found. Under no circumstances do you ever want to make any proposition bets. These bets are attractive to risk-takers who love the fact that a huge financial stake can be won or lost on a single roll. However, smart gamblers are not to be confused with these adrenaline junkies, and any craps player who truly understands the game will leave proposition bets to suckers who simply can’t help themselves.


If you are determined to enjoy the game online roulette and still would like to maintain passable odds, the type of variant you choose to play will have a tremendous impact in this regard when playing at online casinos. Obviously, the European form of roulette offers far better odds then the American counterpart because there is only one double zero slot to kill your odds. As an understandable result of this fact, there are far fewer European Roulette wheels to be found at online casinos. Be advised, however, that they do exist and you can find them if you take the time to do a bit of research.

By Amy Floyd
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