When it comes to online gambling webmasters promoting online casinos for the category of Best Gambling Websites, I have a problem as to the credibility of what some will promote on their online gambling websites. For the sake of being a responsible online gambling webmaster I decided a long time as to what type of online casinos that I will promote on my different online gambling websites.

As an online gambling webmaster promoting the different online casinos on the internet, I am quite fussy as to which ones I will promote. The credibility of an online gambling website may be at risk if you are promoting the wrong online casinos, as you may end up getting complaints made and posted on different Online Gambling Forums if players have problems with certain casinos.

When I choose those online casinos for the category of Best Gambling Websites I definitely check to see if there are many complaints made about them on the internet. Definitely some Gambling Forums that I check on a routine basis are the Casinomeister,
GPWA.net Forums and the Casino Affiliate Programs Forum when checking out the credibility of the different online casinos on the Internet.

I definitely do have a problem with some online casinos that use predatory terms for their online bonuses when it comes to the play through requirements for the player’s bonus and deposit. When some online casinos have a play through requirement of 40 or more times for both the bonus and deposit this is when I say they are using predatory terms as the chances are greater of you loosing your money to them.

Another situation to watch with some of the online casinos is problems with them paying out the winnings to their players as well as their affiliates. The Casinomeister website definitely is a good source for checking out those online casinos that have been categorized as Rogue Casinos of which the RTG Online Casinos have the worst record on the Internet.

When it comes to promoting the RTG Online Casinos there are probably only about ten that are worth promoting and I have three of them on my one online gambling website. The problem with many of the RTG Online Casinos that are on the Internet operate without gaming licenses which gives the player no protection or recourse if they have problems, so be aware of the problems with the RTG Online Casinos.

I have found overall that the Microgaming Online Casinos have the best reputation with players and the least of problems that you will find of any of the Software Providers on the Internet. When it came to choosing online casinos for my Best Gambling Websites web page, the Microgaming Online Casinos got promoted mostly followed by the Playtech Online Casinos.

Remember when checking out those online casinos when looking for Best Gambling Websites to check out their credibility prior to playing online. There is nothing worse than having created yourself a problem or situation that you may have prevented if you would have done some checking prior to you playing.

By Barry Ohman
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