When you make the switch to online casinos (from land casinos) there is a lot that needs to be taken into account. When you play in a land casino it is easy to covert your cash into chips and vice versa and your commitment to the casino is only as deep as the time between when you walk in and the time you walk out. Online though, your relationship with a casino is much more like a club. It can be time consuming to sign up and to make cash withdraws and deposits. When you pick an online casino you are generally planning on sticking with the same casino for a decently long time if all is well. There is a level of commitment involved in picking an online casino for any player so its important to do your research and pick a great casino the first time.

To successfully pick a casino that meets your needs you need to first identify exactly what it is you are looking for. What drives you to play, and what games are you focusing on. For instance in many online casinos the advertised sign up bonuses can only be used in slots play. If you plan on mostly playing craps you will want a casino like craps.com that caters to craps players in its bonus package. If you determine that you do qualify to use the bonus, make sure you understand the minimum wagering requirements that come with the bonus. Often you have to wager twenty to thirty times the sum of the bonus and your initial deposit before you can make a withdraw. These minimums are in place to protect the casinos from people signing up to take the bonuses and run.

The most vital component of a casino is its software. The software that a casino is based on will influence every aspect of your game play. From the design/layout of the casino to user friendliness. From aesthetic appearance to speed of play. The software platform will either make or brake your next casino so it is very important to learn about this factor. Some sites offer flash versions of their games to play for free instantly on their site but for the casinos that don’t offer this feature there are a couple of things to look for. First if the software is developed by Playtech, Microgaming, or Real Time Gaming (RTG), you can be assured that the quality of the software is top notched. If the software is called ‘proprietary’ or the casino brags that they’ve designed the casino ‘in-house’ it is probably of sub-par quality (think bubbascasino.com).

A great way to start your search is by looking for reviews of the best places to play craps. Here you can find player opinions/experiences and learn about the reputation each craps casino has. It is definitely worth your while to put some time into researching any casino before you commit to it and possibly even get stuck in a contractual agreement. Like always make sure you gamble responsibly.

By Rusty Dalton
After years of coaching craps players in Atlantic City, Rusty Dalton is committed to helping craps players in the new age of online casinos.