1. Yahoo games are one of the best places where players can enjoy games like Blackjack, learn strategies, and practice tips. In order to play Yahoo blackjack, you should get to the game. It can be done by clicking on the icon or word Blackjack in category of Yahoo card games.

2. The second step towards playing the game is to provide your Yahoo user information. It is required in case you want to get game stats.

3. It has been seen that during logging in the system people come across various advertisements that seem to be waste of time. Well if you face similar kind of problem then you can simply skip the advertisements by clicking on the link “click here to continue”.

4. Once you have set up the account you can begin playing the Yahoo Blackjack without facing any difficulty. One can click on the option saying, “Play Now” to begin the game right away. In addition, players have the liberty to choose the game room of their choice. You can click on the gaming room where you want to play and the game would begin without wasting much of your time.

5. Afterwards, you may be asked to enter some numbers and letters into a particular box. Complete this step and you would be one step closer to the game.

6. Join buttons can be seen on the screen. You should click at one of these buttons to choose a table and sit on it for playing the game.

7. It is worth mentioning that when you play Yahoo Blackjack you have to be quick while placing the bet for the game. Players get only 3 seconds to choose the bet money out of values of 1, 5, and 20 dollars. If you are interested in placing the maximum amount of bet then it can be done by clicking on appropriate buttons present on the screen.

8. Now you should count the value of your cards and determine how close they are to the value of 21. The number cards provide the number shown on it for getting the value of 21. For instance, if you have a card of six diamond then it would be counted of 6 in calculating the total.

9. While playing the game you should keep track of score of other players and the dealer as well.

10. You can carry on with the game as long as you want.

By Pankaj Gupta
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